QA Program Development and/or Audit Services - Updating and Support


QA Program Development

We can create a QA program for new operations, fix one that is broken, or update yours that exists but needs a little TLC!

This program will:

  • Bring your checklists up to date
  • Help you edit and revamp your manuals so that they reflect current operations and regs
  • work with your QA person/team so that they are familiar with changes we make, and how to stay on top of the adjustments needed as regs and operational requirements change


Manual Development

This service will support your audit program, and help you to:

  • Revamp your audit checklists so they are strong and effective
  • Weed out those non-essential entries in your MPM (that Transport will use to hold your feet to the fire!)
  • Highlight areas in your audit procedures that are weak or unproductive
  • Show you how to keep your checklists up to date as things change



Independent Audit Service

HPA offers an independent audit service for your whole operation, or whatever functions you specify. 

This can be done to suit you:

  • Once a year to highlight those areas that need work before TCCA finds them!
  • Immediately following a QA program development/update to target areas that need attention
  • Anytime you need a full or partial audit done

The audit will be done and signed off by David O'Brien, who is a Certified Lead Auditor, with 28+ highly successful years of experience as a QA Manager, and almost 40 years as an AME.