Part Certification (online)

This is a competency based, online training, covering all parts types, as outined in CAR 561, 571, and 573, and what it will take to certify them.  A self study program to help with training new hires, cross training, or just as a refresher to make sure you are not using any of those pesky short cuts! 
The course is approx 3 hours

FRMS - Fatigue Risk Management System (Online)

 A basic reminder about fatigue, the causes, and what you can do to prevent it, or at least, minize the effects upon you and your work.

This is one of the most common causes of errors, and the most underestimted factor that workers, and managment, deal with daily

This course is approx 2 hours

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Courses and Trainings Offered

573.06 (1) An approved maintenance organization (AMO) certificate holder shall implement a training program to ensure that persons authorized to perform or supervise the performance of any function under this Subpart are trained in respect of the regulations, the standards and the AMO procedures applicable to that function.

573.06 (1) Pursuant to subsection 573.06(1) of the CARs, an AMO certificate holder shall ensure that all staff with technical responsibilities are provided appropriate training in technical, regulatory and human factors issues related to the work for which they are responsible.(amended 2002/09/01)

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Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (all online)


Initial Training 

  • An 8 hour course (in the classroom) that includes case studies, videos, and uses discussion and questions to add value to the training
    The online course is approx 3-4 hours long

Update Training 

  • A 6 hour day to refresh and renew your knowledge gained in the initial training
    The online course is approx 2-3 hours long

Human Factors for Personnel performing Elementary work 

  • This is an 8 hour day, using the basic knowledge in the HF initial, but applying it to anyone who is performing elementary tasks
    The online course is approx 3-4 hours long


Quality Assurance (QA) (Also online)


Both classroom and online QA trainings cover the CAR 573.09, the class time averaging around 5 hours
The online course is approx 2-3 hours long


Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) Training

The most common CARs we train in are 571/573 (combined) and 561, but we can tailor a course to suit any operation. We also try to make it more interesting than watching paint dry!


Effective Auditing (also online)


This will benefit anyone who is involved in conducting internal or external audits, or the implementation of quality management procedures of an aviation company. In house trainng can be arranged.